Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For the Senses: Holiday

Here is a sampling of products that I have tried or would love to have/share. It is nice to think of gift giving or purchasing things in general in relation to our senses. Which of the five senses will this gift honour? Making a new memory with a smell, delighting your fingers with something soft, a soothing voice to calm a hectic day, all these things and more can be part of your holiday shopping whether you are at the mall, online or at a craft fair.

Taste ::

Marks and Spencer Organic Camomile, Limeflower and Lavender Infusion Tea
This tea was a gift from my mother-in-law. Dave and I are both obsessed with it. It tastes great, and relaxes you and it is perfect before bed or while you sit curled up in front of a fire.

Sound ::

Melissa Etheridge's holiday cd A New Thought for Christmas. She rocks out to most songs and definitely puts her own spin on some traditional holiday songs. But my favorite is her reworking of O Night Divine, she puts a pagan/secular spin on it that is refreshing.

Touch ::

The holidays would not be complete without a cuddle or two and there are some perfect afghans to cuddle under on Etsy. My favorite is this one by AVintageObsession. The colour is called Bright Holly...need I say more?

Sight ::

There is so much to be said for the artwork in tarot decks. They thrill our sense of sight while giving us insight into questions inside our souls. Animals Divine Tarot Deck is the first deck that I have wanted since purchasing my first deck many moons ago. The artwork is just stunning. The description of this card, the 3 of cups Polar Bear is: overflowing happiness, feeling celebratory and copious creativity.

Smell ::

This candle scent from Partylite is such a wonderful holiday smell. Sweet but spicy and not too overpowering. I would have it burning in every room to bring in the cheer.
Iced Snowberries even the name is heavenly.

I hope you've enjoyed this little journey through our senses. I have not received any free products etc. for this feature. I simply wanted to share some gems that I've found/enjoyed and find yet another way to evoke seasonal sensations in blogland. I will make this feature a seasonal one so visit again in the Spring for a host of new products.


I'm So Pretty said...

Those are all wonderful - thank you for posting about these items!!!!

Aelwyn said...

TAG! You're it! http://hedgewitchhollow.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-got-tagged.html

Bridgett said...

I've never heard of limeflower. All these things sound so wonderful. And Iced Snowberry...mmmmm.