Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tales from my Garden

I was blessed with some time in the garden this week. It was brief but refreshing. I moved several plants from a large pot to their own and moved some plants around in the flowerbed. I am coming full circle with my little fairy garden. April was my garden month last year, I researched plants, attended the wonderful Van Dusen Gardens Plant sale at the end of the month and began the slow construction of my first real garden space. At that sale I bought 2 yellow primroses, a delicate BC native fern found in the Queen Charlotte Islands and some herbs. The herbs did not fair well. But the fern and prim roses are doing great. I was so proud to see the primroses blooming. Later on in the season I purchased a blue and white primrose. The blue one is blooming as well, while the white one failed to make it through the winter. Digging in my small garden makes me so content. I feel like I can learn so much more this year. Especially about layout, design and planting for colour in each season. I have a garden journal that I keep plant tags, ideas and research in. I also journal how each plant does, when I planted it and if I would get more. My mother is a wonderful gardener. Her memory for plant names is exceptional. I do not have that gift so I have to keep my little book and learn that way. I have been neglecting it all winter and can't wait to glue in some new tags and plan on what to buy at this year's Van Dusen sale. I don't have tons of money to spend but buying a small number of plants at a time is a great way to really get to know what you are planting. I think this year I'll try some veggies in pots. Tomatoes, beans and maybe some peppers. I have lots of sprigs pushing up through the soil and I can't wait to see what each month blooms into.

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