Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Earth day is here again. What a great day we have here too. Sunshine is out, even though it's a bit chilly. Kyan and I spent the morning on a playdate and had some park time. That will have to be our nature worship for the day, besides visiting the grocery store for some wonderful bounty.

I wanted to share my latest reluctant green purchase. Two weeks ago I lost my cellphone. Now I'm not much for fancy gadgets...I had had this cellphone for 6 years. It had no camera, a black and white screen and no internet capabilities. Call me old fashioned but I use a camera for taking photos, a computer to look up something on Google and an mp3 player to listen to music (sometimes I even use a tape deck! Imagine!!) So when looking for a new phone to purchase finding one that would do everything except wash the dishes wasn't top priority for me. I use the cellphone as a safety device. It is only there for emergencies or finding someone when we are meeting up somewhere etc. And then much to my delight my hubby said: Look this one is made from 25% recycled plastics. And I was done my search.

It's called the Moto W233 Renew. It is carbon neutral. Meaning that Motorola offsets the carbon emission production from this phone's operation, production and distribution. The outside casing of the phone is also 100% recyclable. So while I still feel bad that I lost my old phone, I am happy that I could buy a phone that is lighter on the earth.

In honour of Earth Day here is a poem I wrote this month. I hope you can get out and enjoy this day and remember the mother that loves you. Think of her especially when you eat her wonderful bounty today!

Wild Child

when your feet, so small and soft
spread out on this cold concrete
I see visions of
bright, green, strong, resilient
breaking apart this surface
swelling in size
returning the ground to something wild

they rise up to your knees
you run with abandon
chasing dragonflies
buttercups reflecting yellow on your chin

you spin, arms out
hands warm in the sun
you are the green man
at one with the trees
wind kissing your cheeks
with the love of the mother

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