Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carnelian for the Home

Semi-precious stones call to me. I seem to crave a colour and then a type of stone will present itself. This summer at my local Farmer's Market I purchased a simple pair of Carnelian earrings. The red/brown was just the feeling I was having. Deep, earthy and strong. I tend to research things after they have called to me and I have found them, just to make sense of them in terms of my path. Carnelian promotes tranquility, courage and love. It stabilizes the energy of the home.
My other piece is a family broach with the national flower of Scotland: the thistle. I don't wear broaches but I love this one. This is not a flashy stone but I'm not a flashy person so that works for me. Here are some other interesting points about Carnelian:

Birth stone of July
Astrological signs of: Taurus, Cancer & Leo
Healing properties: Purifies the blood, relieves menstrual cramps and back pain,
beneficial in treatment of infertility.
Can increase personal power, creativity & compassion
Useful for working with the 1, 2, 3, & 4th chakras
Awakens ones inherent talents
Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision
A stone of protection
Can encourage love between parents and children

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Sacred Suzie said...

It's beautiful! I love the thistles, they have such a unique beauty about them. Carnelian is gorgeous and so earthy, I love that too.

I am so glad you are living the dream life you wanted as a little girl! Living life at home as a domestic artist is a powerful thing most people will never understand. I'm glad we both do!