Monday, January 12, 2009

Book of the Month: January

This month I have chosen a book that is magical and practical: Cooking Like a Goddess: Bringing Seasonal Magic into the Kitchen by Cait Johnson. There is a new edition of the book called: Witch in the Kitchen: Magical Cooking for All Seasons. This book is very precious to me for several reasons, it has wonderful recipes divided into seasons, and it has lovely write-ups by Cait about holidays and food ideas. She gives you tips about how to decorate and love your kitchen for each season but also in general. If you are a kitchen witch then you will love this book. The recipes are vegetarian and vegan, she includes meditations and has a great section at the back called Wild Woman Tips for Acting Out in the Kitchen. I have used this book for inspiration many times, the pumpkin pie recipe is a staple for me, I was very successful with the Kale, Corn and Onion skillet cakes, and her Autumn Cider Dressing is very tangy and good.

For some reason this week I have been feeling nostalgia for my loved ones who are far away from me. One such person gave me this book. She bought it in New York ten years ago when we were there for a school trip. She had it for a few months and I drooled over it frequently. In her loving and simple way she just gave it to me one day. I love the book, but wish I could be closer to her and her daughters so we could share time together. Blessings to you Caroline, where ever your feet may be treading.

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Teapot said...

I'll have to check it out, thanks!