Thursday, April 18, 2013


Three years later and Kyan's quilt is done.  That took a bit longer than I had hoped but it feels great to see him sleeping underneath it at night.  I learned quite a few things about quilting while making this; the biggest lesson being that the first step of cutting fabric is crucial to be mindful of.  I don't have all the fancy quilt tools or lingo mastered and I'm not sure if I ever will.  But I am satisfied by the end result and plan to make one for Elliott who will be on the bottom bunk, and a new summer quilt for our own bed (at some point)

While working on several projects the last few months I've decided to try and have one to two art projects and one home/gift sewing project coinciding.  This seems to give me a rhythm to follow and the option to move from one to another in case I need a change or circumstances won't let me be in the sewing room to work.  As my camera has gotten something on the lens my iphone pics is all I have to share the finished quilt. In the next few months I'll get a professional photo taken which will show the details much better.

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