Wednesday, January 18, 2012

then comes snow

Winter has officially arrived in the Lower Mainland.  Specifically we have snow and below zero temperatures which for us is cold.   Last year we didn't get any snow so this year has been very exciting for Kyan and he's been making snowballs and crunching down paths to pre-school and telling me all in the same day: "I love the snow" or "I don't like the snow" depending on whether the extra clothing involved in playing in it has been donned or not. 

Keeping warm is my goal these days.  Besides my slippers (which I just noticed are starting to come apart after close to 6 years of use) I've been warming with scarves and tea. 

Our new year routine is moving along nicely.  I'm on week two of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge and what I'm gaining from this daily ritual of tiding up is some serious help in those crazy moments.  Being on top of the housework is extremely satisfying when spending so much time indoors.  January is working out so far.  Not bad at all.

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