Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art of the Month: Memory Keeper 2011

Here we are again, another turn around the sun has brought us to the fourth block of the Memory Keeper Project.  To read up on the past blocks click here.  Since 2011 was a year of bringing another new life to this world for our family I chose another "Birth-Giver" image to symbolize the year.  This is a different variation of the image from the first one that started it all. 

The lotus fabric I used for the background is one that I've loved for ages.  The cream fabric is actually a toile and I quilted a spiral out from the belly.  The four beads are from a Korean prayer bracelet that I've had for many years.  Four beads representing each family member.   I named 2011 "The Childbearing Year" since I had dubbed 2008 the birthing year and didn't want to refer to them with the same name since two very different babies were born in each. 

This project becomes dearer to my heart with each year.  Around the end of November I start thinking about what the next symbol will be and searching for a name to chronicle the waning year.  In many ways this blog acts as my memory keeper too.

As I was taking the photos of this piece the subject arrived to inspect his first art piece.  It was great that I didn't have to worry too much about him handling it; the glory of cloth work (although I did stop him before he drooled all over it)  My little one is so curious and seems to be developing an appreciation for art already.  The symbol for 2012 has revealed itself and is cut out and ready to be attached and embellished.  And so another year begins...

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