Saturday, June 25, 2011

creatively speaking

That ever elusive spark called inspiration strikes one when you'd least expect.  I both love and hate that.  Love because it sends me places full of ideas and artistic dreams, and hate because it usually happens when the day's chores are stretched out before me with no end in sight.
I know that I can choose to ignore them and make things.  Sometimes I do.  It rarely happens though when you have a young baby.  They just seem to need you at the exact moment you were about to begin.  But as the story has gone since the beginning of time...babies cease to be such in a very short time.  So I dream, take notes (mostly in my head) and let inspiration flow through me without being fulfilled.
A new (to me) blog that I'm loving is Spirit Cloth.  It follows the work of artist Jude Hill from New York state.  Just glorious embroidery and cloth work.  She often lets cloth stain under leaves, flowers and such.  I've been admiring the delicate patterns and how Jude layers her work building a piece in such an organic way.
Some imagery that is inspiring and comical at the same time here.  Don't you love the teamwork?  It's amazing how relevant the chores and fashion are to today's homesteader movement.  Classics never go out of style.
Yesterday Heidi Joy and I spent time at the fabric store.  It is such a pleasure to talk fabric, compare projects and enjoy her company.  I am making new pillows for our living room which is almost complete!  Photos to follow in  few months (let's be realistic here).
Well my time for reveling in the creative world has come to a close for now.  I've had little snippets here and there for the past three months and soon there will be more time.  Here's to the inspiration of summer, cloth and circa 1940's farm girl models.  Happy weekend to you.

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