Monday, November 22, 2010

belly update: 22 weeks

Since those around me have begun to comment on how my belly has popped this week I thought a belly update was due.  My body feels like the baby is much bigger than he is.  Did you notice I said he there....yup it's another little man for us.  I had a feeling actually that it was a boy this time.  I was told by a little old lady in a dream early on in the pregnancy and then again in my trance journey at Samhain.  So when the technician paused the screen to show us the evidence it was pretty obvious to eveyone and I was not surprised.  Not having a girl is slightly sad....but I'm so thrilled with having two boys.  I really don't think that I was meant to birth a girl and so boys I will raise, happily.  I could have a girl in the future but I have a feeling that I would end up having 12 boys or something like that instead.  And so, I'll stick with two boys thank you very much.
I feel so grateful that I have a healthy, happy boy inside and outside me.   I recently came across the journal I kept during Kyan's pregnancy and it was interesting to revisit the emotions that I was dealing with at the time.   Adding another one to the mix of three that we have here feels exciting...I know that much work awaits but that is ok, I'm up for the challenge.

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