Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fighting the Blues

longing for spring

As the Spring Equinox approaches I find myself a bit down in the dumps. I'm not sure what the source is, monthly cycles, fatigue, just a bad mood? As a parent I find that it is crucial to not pour my crap onto my son, or my husband for that matter. I try to keep it out of my tone, out of my face when interacting with him. He probably feels the change in my energy but he doesn't need to see it overtly.
I hope that the equinox will shift my gears. Perhaps I'm feeling tight inside my shell, I want to break it open and stretch out my spring limbs. I also have been feeling a call to spend some time in nature which has been ignored so far for various life reasons. Not just a park excursion but a real forest walk. Where I can't hear cars or see houses.
My to do list is long but my motivation is low. Somehow I need to shake off these blues.

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