Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bib evolution

Well in two weeks, give or take a few days I have completed my first creative task. The bibs are done. I made six...although true to form I could not stick with the original pattern. The first bib was done as the pattern recommended. For anyone looking for this smock/bib style here is the link. After making one I realized that this was one hard core bib and that in order to save some time and preserve bias tape (I didn't buy enough) I would alter them so that they were more simple. Attempt number two is the one that looks the strangest...
It still covers a lot of area but is rather oddly shaped. Number three was the cutesy fabric so I still made it a big one. Number four was almost right but too square around the neck. And by number five I finally got it right. I just wanted them to be durable and darker in colour so that stains won't show as much. I also chose to not go with a plasticized cotton as it called for in the pattern. I would rather have them be comfy and soft than repel moisture. I lined them as well, the first three with denim and the last three with an old bed sheet. If you decide to try the original pattern I disagree with the advice that the wider the bias tape the better. I would say that narrower would be easier around the corners. It was my first time using it though, so perhaps there were some tricks I didn't know.
In case you couldn't tell I'm a bit of a rebel when it comes to patterns and following directions. Hence it takes five tries to get what I'm after. I have made progress though, the old me would have randomly cut up fabric and wasted time fiddling around for hours before getting one that worked. It's nice to have this done.

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