Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Waiting for Spring

Syrup coming out of the evaporator

My Dad keeping the evaporator fires burning

Our sugar camp, in operation since the 1950's

Sap dripping from a Rock Maple Tree

I hope that those who celebrate Imbolc had a great one. I had a lovely day. A bath, and a simple and fulfilling ritual with Heidi. Yesterday I planted four bulbs in my garden and noticed that some small green shoots are pushing up through the dark soil. What a wonderful time this is. We've even had two days in a row of sunshine. Very rare for our part of the world. The rain is returning tomorrow though, so today Kyan and I will get out and have a nice walk.
Life is moving along at quite a pace this year. With working from home and being a mom/homemaker my creative pursuits are suffering the most. I'm trying to find a balance and fit it all in, and trying to be easy on myself... no super woman complexes over here.
This time of year also tends to make me homesick. It starts now and climaxes right around Sugaring time. Sugaring time is when we make maple syrup in eastern Quebec, usually between the last week of March and the first and second week of April. It remains the most beautiful promise of spring... you can actually smell the earth stirring. The water in the earth rises up and pulses through the rock maple trees. Last year we were home for a visit at that time, I've posted some pictures so you can have a look. Keep the faith, especially if you are still under a blanket of snow.


Dragon Petals said...
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Dragon Petals said...

This comment is a bit belated, I have to admit, but it's my first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed this post! Great pics and great topic. ;) - I deleted that same comment because dang it looked too generic, like I post that on anyone's random post. But seriously, that is a great way to celebrate Imbolc.