Saturday, February 7, 2009

18th Annual Women's Memorial March

Next Saturday I will be attending the 18th Annual Women's Memorial March in the Downtown east side of Vancouver. I have heard about it for years and feel grateful to have the chance to march this year. This march is held in memory and honour of the women who have disappeared from the area, as well as those who have been found murdered. For decades these women, the poorest and most vulnerable where not given the support, help or respect they deserved. The neglect of these woman's basic human rights were a result of the neglect of the poor and sexism that is still rampant in our society. Because they were sex workers, mentally ill, homeless, poor or drug addicts they were ignored. I feel such a sense of outrage that so many women were cast off, lost and so many mothers, sisters, fathers, grandparents and friends felt helpless in finding their loved ones. Despite the sad nature of this event I will be there, on Valentine's Day, to show my respect and love towards these women and their families. If you are in the area please consider joining me. If you can not please remember these women in your thoughts and even light a candle if you are so inclined. More information can be found here. You can also make a donation towards the expenses of the event at that link.

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Janet said...

I've taken part in a few marches before. Once of the most memorable was "Take Back the Night". There's something empowering about being surrounded by so many others who believe so strongly in the same cause.

I'll keep the downtown east side women in my thoughts, and pray that those who harmed them get the Karma they deserve.