Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family and Summer's Farewell

Today I dropped my parents off at the airport. They were here for a week visiting from back east. We loved having them here with us. It is so nice to spend such quality time together. We took a Harbor Cruise, visited the UBC Botanical Garden and went to Whistler. It is hard to live a 5 hour plane ride away from them, but as my father said several years ago when I considered moving home: "You have to be where your life is..." and my life is here. I consider the end of their visit as my cue to say goodbye to summer. With that I have posted the photos of my little witchy places in my home. These are the summer places which will be changed this weekend. Soon the house will be full of autumn and Halloween. The inspiration for this post comes from a blog I frequent; Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. This is the post that began the idea for me. Check out the original and pass it on.
My kitchen witch, a gift from my Mom years ago. And elemental objects: feather (air), shell (water), stones: carnelian & aventurine (earth), candle (fire). My happy little altar.
Seed pods, dried lavender, and a crow feather found in the season, my newest treasure the Goddess candle holder, and the iris cloth that is a vintage handkerchief. These sit on the kitchen table.
My journals which sit on the shelf with my elemental altar. My day planner, my Book of Star Shadows (now full), my Book of Leaf Shadows, my garden journal and my Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews.
Our family charm. I made this with beads, a long glass ornament, some small bells, and the ten of cups mini tarot card that I received at a Pagan Gathering several years ago. It depicts a family of four happy and dancing in the country side. I consider it to be a wish for our family. I also included four star charms for protection; one for myself, my husband and my son and for the future soul we hope will join us in a few years. It hangs in the entryway of our home to keep us safe.


silverstarsanctuary said...

Wonderful and magical decor! Thanks for sharing it. I am trying to get out the decorations for Samhain today too and get things more gussied up for fall.


mrsb said...

What great witchy decor! I love the goddess candle holder, and your family charm. What a wonderful idea! I might have to try my hand at creating something like that for my family.

Thanks so much for sharing (and the shout out, lol!)