Friday, July 25, 2008

Calming Stone

As a young girl I liked stones. I was the child that brought them home from a walk...and since we lived on a dirt road there were tons every where. I was not very familiar with semi-precious stones until I was much older. I have learned and continue to learn about them in the same way that I do plants, I am drawn to one through instinct and then I do some research. Usually the reason I have been drawn to it becomes apparent through the research. Last week I was called to the wooden box where I keep my stones. I took out my piece of Lepidolite. It is triangular, about 2 inches long, a lovely lavender colour with white and iridescent parts. The lavender colour is from the lithium component of the stone.
I bought this stone 2 years ago. I can not remember why I thought I needed it then, but reading its description I know that I need it now. It is known to be extremely calming. It soothes anger, and any other negative emotion. It is also known as the Dream Stone: Helping the user to not have nightmares relating to stress or upsets in personal relationships. It aids the muscles to relax and strengthens the heart. Mostly it enhances the expression of one's inner light and joy.
Before I sleep I hold it in my hand for a while and breathe deeply. I find it helps me to focus on letting go before sleeping, which has always been a challenge for me.
In many of the trances and mediations I have done stones have been my "gift". I have found this is a wonderful way to learn about stones...often I have known only the colour and have had to figure out what kind it was later on. Several times it has been near my birthday which is a few weeks after Samhain so I will get the stone for myself as my birthday gift to me. Last year I did not receive a stone as a gift in my Samhain trance, but one of my best friends gave me one as a birthday gift. Funny how things work out sometimes.
I am often drawn to stone jewelry as well. Asking my then boyfriend for a red stone ring one year and pink the next. I don't think I could ever have too much jewelry but luckily they cost way less then diamonds etc. And funnily enough I don't really like diamonds, they are too fancy for me. My grandmother gave me a pair of malachite earrings one year and I wore them so much that the stone separated from the shaft. When I'm a crone I'd like to have beautiful big pieces of stone jewelry, which I suppose can be quite expensive in larger sizes. I loved Angelica Houston's character in "The Life Aquatic" she wore stunning pieces of jewelry. I don't have the style or enough life in my face to wear them yet. All in due time.

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