Wednesday, November 13, 2013

August Fades

Oh how quickly the days pass from warm summer sun to the weaker sun of fall.  Our August was bright and full of fun days.  Visiting more of our home province and trying to enjoy the last few weeks before Kyan's first year of elementary school.

After the heat of July August faded in and out and moved with a more deliberate pace.
We saw some incredible sights; walking through old train tunnels, visiting community gardens, and gathering with friends to share music.

A highlight of the month was to witness the blossoming of dreams being realized.  Artists close to me (including myself) creating, working, striving to find their place and bring their truth to the world around them.  This manifested differently for each of us but filled my heart with a steadfast joy.  I feel lucky to have been there and experienced that moment in time.

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