Wednesday, December 8, 2010

blurrrrrr.... I'm a bit busy with stuff.  Things here and there, finished, unfinished, pending, processing, becoming an Auntie, slowly gathering bits and ideas to make the holidays festive for little $$....planning the first big party of Kyan's birthday history, being annoyed by things beyond my control and in the case of last night waking at 4 a.m to ponder it all.  As you can imagine that has brought about some highs, lows and many emotions in between.  The highlight of the week has been knowing that my sister and her little baby boy are healthy and made it through the first arduous journey that they'll face together.  Another was visiting with a dear friend and her son.  Sharing our lives now and laughing about our lives then and how ten years later we've turned out pretty well.

 A package sent and wrapped with love and lots of help from the artist in residence.

WIP based on the pattern in: The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections

And the doll house that is slowly coming together for the boy of the house.  I know he'll probably only use it as a car garage but I feel proud to supply him with his first bachelor pad.  The fun of decorating is next.

There is so much holiday magic out there in the blogs.  Really an inspiration to behold.  I'll soon be sharing more festive spirit myself.

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Lucid Dreamings said...

Crown looks gorgeous and the house is amazing!! Strong work super mama!