Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Secret Place

Ok...well maybe not so secret. Today I had an urge to talk a walk with Ky. I wistfully wished that there was a trail through some trees and a bench to sit on near by. My neighborhood walks had uncovered no such perfect place as of yet. So we set off and walked down the street further than we ever had. We passed many houses, empty lots being developed and big machinery working loudly... and then we found our place. A lovely vine covered entrance, a path winding along a stream. Birds singing, trees towering over us. It felt like a gift, it was a gift. Ky was drowsy and I was entranced. We saw no one else on the path and stopped when we reached a grassy footpath that was not stroller friendly. On the way back we listened to the water on the rocks and then stopped to sit on the one bench. The universe/Goddess really can be that giving...ask and you shall receive. I almost turned around when a huge dump truck was obstructing the sidewalk, but I did not and I'm really glad that I just kept going. I look at events like this a life lesson. Don't stop when something gets in your way. Your goal might be on the other side waiting for you to persevere.

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mrsb said...

Oh, what a great blog you have! I'm so glad you left a message on mine so I found yours! I will probably leave a ton of messages as I read through it, lol, so hopefully you won't get sick of me :O)